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About us

Currently, there are twelve barristers at Jeffcott Chambers who accept briefs in many different areas of practice. We all provide opinions and undertake trial and appellate work across our respective areas of practice.  We have three staff members who provide administrative support.

We are located alongside the Supreme Court on Gouger Street.  The building was once the Supreme Court Hotel dating from 1875 until it closed its doors in 1970.  From then it lay derelict until it was restored in anticipation of Jeffcott Chambers opening.  The Chambers opened in March 1982. 

The Chambers has a proud history, with many of its former members going directly from Chambers to serve the community as judges or members of parliament (see list below including the dates when those former members were at Chambers). 

We will greatly miss Ted Mullighan QC who passed away on 16 September 2011.  He was a very special member of the "Jeffcott family".

Current photographs for this website were taken by Sophie Abbott.  Website design by Rachel Lowrie of Rightleft.

Former members

Retired Judge Neil Lowrie (1982-1985)

Retired Justice David Bleby (1982-1997)

Retired Justice John von Doussa (1982-1986)

The Hon Bruce Lander QC(1982-1994)

The Hon Robert Lawson QC (1982-1993)

Chief Judge Geoffrey Muecke (1982-1999)

Judge Kelvyn Prescott (1982-1985)

Retired Judge Malcolm Robertson (1982-1996)

Judge David Smith (1982-1999)

Justice Edward Mullighan (1982-1989) (deceased)

Retired Chief Judge Terence Worthington (1984-1995)

Justice Anthony Besanko (1985-2001)

Retired Judge Andrea Simpson (1985-1998)

Justice David Lovell (1990-2006)

D'Arcy Stratford (1996-2010)

Justice Samuel Doyle (2002-2015)